Token Sale

TBOSS Presale will take place on the UniCrypt Launchpad

Its total supply is is given up and 95% of all tokens are reserved for ILO and liquidity.(Ownership will be waived when the ILO ends.)

Token Distribution

TBOSS token was generated on the Binance Smart Chain.After the ILO, the liquidity will be locked automatically for 1 year.There is no lock or vesting.

UniCrypt ILO63%

Token Details

Token Ticker
UniCrypt ILO
MAY 03 , 2022
Token Sale
MAY 03 , 2022
ILO Price,666666 TBOSS / BNB
Currencies Accepted
Soft CAP
30 BNB
Hard CAP
60 BNB

TBOSS Token Economy

It is highly recommended that you review it before participating in the pre-sale.


63% of all tokens are reserved for ILO.

Presale Rate:,666666 TBOSS / per BNB


32% of all tokens and 60% of the money raised will be locked PancakeSwap.

Listing Rate: 9.192.750.000 TBOSS / per BNB


5% of tokens are left open. This is entirely reserved for our consultants and partners.


Go to sure your wallet is on the BSC network.You can make purchases by connecting your wallet.
Twittelon Boss; It’s a unique Web3 protocol that connects both social media and real life and offers the opportunity to earn xTBOSS. It’s working mechanism has made it different from the others.Visit for all about the Twittelon Boss Move to Earn Web3 Protocol:
You can claim all your token rights immediately after the UniCrypt ILO is completed.There is no set time limit to request.You can claim the tokens you deserve by connecting your wallet from the page you joined the ILO.
There is no minimum purchase amount.There is an upper limit on purchases.This amount is 0.6 BNB per wallet.
TBOSS has a deflationary structure thanks to the separated burn wallet.This will ensure that it constantly gains value.It’s also the first serious project to celebrate Elon Musk’s take on Twitter.
It will be listed on PancakeSwap right after the UniCrypt ILO.Adhering to our roadmap, listings will be made in the CEX and Tier 1 CEXs.
No. We don’t have such an option.
You can use Metamask or TrustWallet for this. We warn you not to use any exchange addresses.
The ILO and Listing rate is 10%.