Twittelon Boss is the first Web 3 Move to Earn project relationship with Twitter , Pets and Sport.

Twittelon BOSS is a unique project that allows you to earn money by walking with your pets, cycling and spending time on Twitter.

Feel free to share the photos you recorded in the Move-to-Earn program on Elon Musk's Twitter.


Mobile Application & Working Mechanism

SoonApp StoreSoonPlay Store
SoonApp StoreSoonPlay Store

TBOSS-C NFTs Coming Soon

How to Earn xTBOSS?

Cycling & Earn

Cycling is the latest example of Social-Fi and Move to Earn.Thanks to TBOSS-C devices, it will now be possible to both socialize and earn xTBOSS.All you have to do is have a TBOSS-C device and install the Application on your phone.Twittelon Boss Application will be available on Google Play Store and App Store very soon.Don't miss the opportunity to earn more by sharing the event result on Twitter.

Walk Your Pet & Earn

Who wouldn't want to spend more time with our best friends?It will now be possible to earn xTBOSS when you walk your pet.You can start earning if you have the TBOSS-C device and the Twittelon Boss Application.The app will be released very soon and it will make a big impact.You can start by having your device read the QR code specially created for you.Using our special maps for the places you have just visited will earn you xTBOSS as a gift.Achieve the target and open the mysterious box that appears there.

Tweet & Earn

It's the most distinctive feature that distinguishes the Twittelon Boss project from the others.Twitter is the most useful social media platform these days.A lot shared out there can really be trending.You can earn xTBOSS by spending time on Twitter.You will only be able to do this using the ElonMusk-A device.The reward rate is higher than TBOSS-C.Don't forget to share your photos and comments with us in the first two events.This will grow our community and provide great socialization.

Use Map & Earn

If you've been to a new place, don't worry! Use the map we have provided for you. Open the mystery box when you complete the target.The biggest reward is 1 Bitcoin.

Device Features

0.82" E-ink Screen
Battery-Life up to 2 months
Bluetooth Connection
Suitable for Wired Connection
Compatible with IOS/Android
5 Different Colors
Scan the given QR code to the device and start earning.

TBOSS Token Economy

SoftCap & HardCap = 30 BNB & 60 BNB.
Passed Audit&KYC.
Presale Price =,666666 TBOSS / per BNB
Listing Price =9.192.750.000 TBOSS / per BNB
BuyBack Wallet(Burn) = 1% Liquidity = 1% Marketing = 3% Team = 1% Holders = 1%
Sell TAX
BuyBack Wallet(Burn) = 1% Liquidity = 1% Marketing = 3% Team = 1% Holders = 1%


63% of all tokens are reserved for ILO.

Presale Rate:,666666 TBOSS / per BNB


32% of all tokens and 60% of the money raised will be locked PancakeSwap.

Listing Rate: 9.192.750.000 TBOSS / per BNB


5% of tokens are left open. This is entirely reserved for our consultants and partners.

Features of Twittelon Boss

TBOSS ; It is a structure that combines both social media and real life, allowing you to earn money as a result.
Move to Earn is an important part of this move.Thanks to TBOSS-C and ElonMusk-A NFTs, you will be able to earn xTBOSS depending on the time spent.

Official Partners

Twittelon Boss Roadmap

This timeline details our funding and
development goals.

  • Mercury

    The idea to 'Move to Earn' was decided.
    The idea for NFT was created for Elon Musk's Twitter
    Website Creation
    Logo Creation
    Contract Creation and Renounced Ownership
    Telegram&Twitter Account Creation
    KYC and Audit Application
    UniCrypt ILO Creation

  • Venus

    End of the ILO
    PancakeSwap Listing
    CoinMarketCap Application
    CoinGecko Application
    Strong Partnership Agreement
    Reaching 5000 Holders
    Big Marketing Campaign
    Certik Audit

  • Earth

    Release of Demo App
    Big Giveaway
    CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko Trends
    Community AMAs
    AMA events in Big Groups
    Aggressive Marketing
    Meme Partnership

  • Mars

    Reaching 10000 Holders
    Fixing Bugs in Dapps
    Website Update
    NFT and BTC Airdrop
    Listing Application

  • Jupiter

    20000 Holders
    NFT Marketplace Launch
    CEX Listing
    Tier 1 Listing Application
    (Gate,MEXC and Huobi)
    Community Airdrop and Giveaway
    NFT Volume Competition
    TBOSS Volume Competition

  • Saturn

    Bug-Bounty Event
    Reaching 50000 Holders
    Elon Musk NFT Event
    Donate to an animal charity
    Funding support for Move to Earn projects
    New Partnership

  • Uranus

    Reaching 75000 Holders
    Big TBOSS Burn Event
    New Partnership
    Secret Box Activity
    Tier 1 Exchange Listing Announcement and Airdrop
    Increasing Move to Earn Rewards
    Promotional texts for Brand Awareness

  • Neptune

    Reaching 250000 Holders
    New Whitepaper
    New Roadmap
    Airdrop to the first 5000 Holders
    New Partnerships and Listing News
    Metaverse and Web3 Deals
    Top 750 in CMC Ranking

Twittelon BOSS (TBOSS)

Twittelon BOSS; It will be one of the biggest.